About Us

CycleBooster Inc. founded with the objective of encouraging the use of bicycles as a reliable low cost, zero emissions mode of transportation. This was brought about by recent advances in technology making electric assisted bicycles the most energy and cost efficient forms of transport available.

CycleBooster takes a conventional bicycle, adds a state of the art brushless gearless electric motor with an integrated controller and a lithium ion battery to create a power-assisted bicycle.

The result is a hybrid propulsion system using human (cyclist) energy/ motor battery system exclusively or in tandem. You can use it like a normal bicycle any time, or us the motor assist to boost your effort on demand using the throttle.

Market studies indicate that this system encourages cycling by providing all the gain of conventional cycling, but without the pain.

Some of the benefits are:

You get to exercise and stay healthy and fit

Helps maintain speed when hills or headwind are present

Helps you get to destination faster and extends your normal riding range by 2 X per hour of use. Arrive at your destination in full form to work or play. (No Sweat)

You can travel at up to 30 KM/20 MPH with assist versus 10-15 km/6-9 mph for the average rider

Commuting up to 40 KM/24 miles in one direction is feasible. Charge your battery at work and ride back home at full power

If you have any physical disability you can still ride your bike.

Great alternative to using a car in the city, or suburbs for shopping and other things you do.

Locomotion at a fraction of the cost. (The average charging cost in electricity per 100 KM (62 Miles) is between 5-30 cents.), or $.5-$3.00 per 1000 KM (620 Miles).

Requires no vehicle registration or driver’s license and only the basic skills to ride a normal bicycle.

Technology is easily accessible to anyone; from those running errands, to daily commuter riding to work and back to the health conscious couple going for a Sunday bicycle trip in the countryside