Bicycles have a manufacturers warranty from three (3) to five (5) years depending on the make
and model.

These warranties are outlined in the bicycle user manual.

Electric Motor and controls : warranty of twenty-four (24) months from date of purchase

Battery: warranty twenty-four (24) months from date of purchase

The product warranty are limited to parts or assembly replacement to be assessed by CycleBooster.

The warranty does not cover damage caused by accident, normal wear and tear, improper use ( please see user guide) or modification of the product.

User Guide

Important recommendations for electric-bike use:

Your new e-bike is a hybrid system meant to use human muscular energy and an electric motor for maximum performance and range.

It is recommended that you pedal when using your e-bike, and more importantly when getting started, climbing hills or when there is a head wind.

Use correct gear ratio when climbing hills and against a head wind.

E-Bike is a power assisted bicycle and should not be used as a scooter/motorcycle.

Your new E-Bike has regenerative braking giving it excellent braking characteristics. (80 percent of the braking is done by the motor)

IMPORTANT: Make it a habit to turn off the battery contact whenever you dismount the bike . Do not use the bike with the battery disconnected

Remove the battery when taking the bike up stairs, or when transporting it by car.

Don’t forget to remove the battery key when you lock the bike. (First click and battery is locked in place)

Make sure that the battery locking pin is engaged in the rack when installing the battery on the bike.


Check tire pressure regularly( Every 7-10 days). Maintain between 60 and 75 lbs pressure in the rear tire and 40-55 in the front tire.

Check motor wheel nuts and spokes regularly, every 100 km when new.

Check for loose components on battery rack, and adjust brakes.

Lithium Ion Battery:

Turn power off to recharge

Store battery indoors in a dry , heated area.

Charge at ambient temperature not in direct sunlight

Let battery charge completely before disconnecting charger.

Do not let the battery discharge completely before charging, charging often does not damage the battery,

We recommend the use of an odometer to determine your range. (40-75 km)

Do Not Discharge the Battery completely as this can cause permanent damage to the cells

Long term battery storage:

Charge battery between 60 and 70 %

Store at temp 5C (40F) to 20C (80F)

Avoid storage at temp above 20 C

Store in a dry area with low humidity and stable temperatures

Never leave battery uncharged

General Riding tips:

Take the time to get use to the bicycle before going full speed.

Avoid rough routes when possible even bike paths are in terrible shape in some places, and I use the road

The shortest routes are not always the smoothest, and a small detour on an electic bike requires little effort.

Avoid busy streets at rush hour when possible.

Ride defensively, and be extra careful at intersections, road bumps, cars that turn in front of you with no signal.

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